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MoDRN Retro Glam

Introducing you all to the Hollywood side of the new Walmart MoDRN product line with their Retro Glam products. If you missed the first installment which featured my favorites from the MoDRN Industrial products you can catch up [here].

Now onto the fab glam with all it’s luxe materials and classic sensibilities. If you love velvety soft textures mixed with all things gold and marble then this line is for you! And heck, even if you don’t you are bound to find something in this line that you just cannot live without! Trust me!

If there is something you love simply click on the product photo and it will take you to my affiliate link.


Retro Glam Furniture

Throw Pillows

Retro Glam Throw Pillows

Artwork and Accessories

Retro Glam Art and Accessories


Retro Glam Lighting


Retro Glam Kitchen

Ok, so who is now completely obsessed over everything retro glam because I know I am! Have you checked out this new MoDRN line yet? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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