Designing a home that serves you, your family, and god


Let’s face it; we all want someone to do the work for us. Growing up our teachers molded us, our parents guided us, and it was all in preparation for your future. Well your future is now and guess what, your living someone else’s life. So why not take the reins for once and design your own life and future?

I followed the same path that was paved for so many of us. I went to school, continued my education and went to college, and I landed a job actually doing what I went to school for. And you know what? I actually LIKED what I did. I have been a professional graphic designer since 2003 and I continue to design on a freelance basis.

But I broke the mold in 2012 when my oldest was born. It has been an enlightening 5 years since I left the corporate world. I was completely LOST! I didn’t have a clock to answer to or a deadline that loomed over my head. I didn’t have a micromanaging boss, I was my own boss and I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do with that kind of power!

It’s only recently (after 5 years of trying this and that) that I discovered my true passion and I began to design my own life. It took some time because I had to experience different things to truly know what hit the mark. Above all else I want to live a life well lived and you can’t do that without knowing what kind of life you want.

There are many ways to do this and I highly suggest you find what works for you but here’s what I’m doing…

  1. Make a list (past) – Write down what you have done in the past. Next to each of these write down how that made you feel (ie. stressed, unfulfilled, lost OR happy, energetic, motivated)
  2. Make another list (present) – Whenever you do something that brings you happiness write it down. After a few weeks take a look at both lists. Any similarities? If so, look deeper into what that is and focus your energy there.
  3. Timeline/Checklists – Write down what you need to do to achieve the life you’ve now designed. Be sure to include a timeline to hold yourself accountable. Write down tasks for the month that lead you in the direction of your passions.

Find free printable calendars here

How would you design your life? What steps would you take to live the life you’ve designed? A great book that will help guide you on your life design is “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. ( I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself. It dives deeper into the reasoning behind designing your own life and just how to get it done!

Happy designing!


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