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I have a SUPER easy DIY for you today. I was trying to find the perforated placemats from Opal House but I was either late to the game or just didn’t have the patience to really look hard enough, because my store had none left. Or so I think…we’ll never really know.

But I got to thinking…why not make my OWN placemats out of wrapping paper I had left over from last year?! Obviously this will be a one-time-use type of project but it’s easy, and cheap, so why not?

I used wrapping paper that has the grid on the back side to make it easy for cutting/measuring. Most placemats are 18″ x 14″ so I cut 20″ x 16″ pieces and with a straight ruler I folded the edges over 2″ on each side. I then took one corner and folded a little angle in it to make it a little dressier. Not like you’ll see it since it’s the backside anyway. From there you just put a piece of tape on it and BOOM! DONE!

Probably one of the easiest DIYs I’ve ever done. If you love this idea here are some great wrapping paper patterns to give you some inspiration!

Buffalo Check
Sheet Music
Stag Print

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May this season and all seasons bring you joy!

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