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Why Organic & Fair Trade Coffee


Spilling the beans on this one…what’s the deal with organic coffee?  I love coffee! Let me repeat that, I LOVE COFFEE! On our journey to becoming an organic family I decided to ditch the Folgers and find a coffee that was organic. But what exactly is organic coffee?


Free of Chemicals:

Organic coffee is free of chemicals. They do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow, therefore, no chemicals enter your body while you indulge in your cup of liquid gold. Did you know pesticides have been linked to autism, weight gain, cancer, and hormone disorders so it is best to throw out that cheap coffee and pick up a cup of organic coffee free of pesticides!

Health Benefits:
Along with not poisoning yourself there are some health benefits with organic coffee. Coffee beans are grown in organic soil which creates the perfect environment for that sweet coffee bean to be full of magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, copper, and other minerals. It is known that organic foods have more nutritional value than their conventional counterparts and coffee is no different. Organic coffee also contains caffeine in its purest form which means it is a great energy booster! And who doesn’t need an energy booster here and there?

Fair Trade:
Buying fair trade ensures that the farmers that are working so hard in making that perfect coffee bean for your enjoyment every morning is making a living doing it. We all love our coffee and, if you’re like me, you look forward to it every single morning. Why not support those that produce our happiness and in turn make them happy as well?

Better Tasting Coffee:
Organic coffee, in plain and simple terms, overall tastes better! It is less bitter and the true flavors in that particular region are known for coming forward with every sip. It is like being a world traveler right there in your kitchen!

So where can you buy this wondrous organic coffee? Here’s a list of 12 US companies (these are not in order of preference and this is only a small list) click on the company name to check out their coffees:

What’s your favorite organic coffee? Please share it below in the comments!

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