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Whites, Woods, and Black – A Neutral Living Space


Hey sweet buddies! I’m super excited to bring you on a weeee little tour of our living area all done up in whites, woods, and black! The combination soothes my soul and creates a peaceful environment for me and my fam gang. We decluttered this space in the fall because I was craving simplicity with my home decor. Creating a neutral space with creamy whites and warm wood tones gives you a base to work from. This way when inspiration hits you, you can just add in a pop of some color.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for very long, you’ve seen this shiplap wall a time or two. You may say I have a love affair for this wall. It’s true and I don’t care! One way I add interest when decorating these shelves is to add varying heights with candlesticks, add color with some faux greenery, and add texture with the old worn books.

This side of the living area is soon to get a facelift (think more shiplap) but, as is, it holds one of my FAVORITE DIY projects…this dresser! I purchased it from a secondhand store and in its original state it was a pretty emerald green. And it was pretty and she stayed that color for a few years. But as my style changed, she had to evolve with me! I stripped and sanded her then stained the outer pieces in Varathane special walnut to match the shelving on the shiplap wall. I simply took the drawers out and sprayed those with a flat black. The knobs are cheap-o wooden knobs from Home Depot that I also stained special walnut to tie it all back in. I saw the beauty in her simple lines and these changes really brought out her features!

One of the other features of this room that I LOOOOOOVE is there is plenty of seating for everyone! I had a near disaster with our couch about a year ago. We purchased this sectional from Ashley Furniture almost 6 years ago and while it is the most comfy couch on the planet it isn’t the most stylish. I fell into the trap of “looks matter in the social media world” so I thought I had to ditch the comfort and go for style. Well we purchased a BEAUTIFUL blue modern Isaac Mizrahi sofa from Home Goods and we placed it in this space. When I say I loved the look and feel of how it brought everything together I mean it, I LOVED it! But I quickly noticed there were way less cuddle sessions with the kiddos on this sofa and there were WAY more complaints from the hubby.

Luckily we didn’t discard the old sectional…yet. It was on its way out the door and I just felt it in my gut that it wasn’t right. I tucked my tail between my legs and approached the hubby about moving it back. Yea…he was right; just don’t tell him I said so!

So the beautiful sofa is now in our master bedroom (which is perfect there) and the comfy sectional made her reappearance in our living room, which is where she belonged the entire time. See it’s not always about the looks…it’s about the feelings, emotions, and shared moments of the piece.


And of course I can’t leave y’all without mentioning the anchor of this space; our brand new ADULT area rug from Well Woven Rugs. Now I say adult because before this rug we had one that was thin, had a design that was ink stamped (not woven), and it was GORGEOUS! This brings me back to the looks over comfort convo earlier. She was beautiful and the exact style I wanted for the room but with 2 small kids and 1 large dog it just did not hold up! Enter Well Woven! Their rugs are durable, can be easily cleaned, and STUNNING! I mean it! I found a rug that I didn’t have to compromise on style for durability! This rug is from their Serenity Collection and is called the Mora Ivory.  I love the way it looks in our space and I cannot recommend Well Woven enough! Plus they are always having epic sales like the one going on RIGHT NOW so do yourself a favor and check ‘em out!

In closing, I find when you don’t use much color in a space it truly is all in the details. The layering, the textures, the angles and lines are just a few of my favorite things when styling a neutral space. And I will never again compromise COMFORT for TRENDY.

So what about you?  Do you use much white, wood and black in your home? Ever considered a stylish piece over a comfy one?!?!  I’d love to hear how you incorporate woods and whites into your own home decor!

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Health, Happiness, and Abundance!




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    1. Thank you so much Katrin! The neutral colors are soothing to me and if I feel like adding a pop of color it’s easy to do with a neutral base.

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