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Thrifting Haul

You know when you find yourself running errands, doing business-y things and all of a sudden you’re pulling into the parking lot of a Goodwill? You think to yourself, well hot dang! How did I get here? When deep down you know you have an internal compass always pointing in the direction of thrift and vintage stores.

It has been a hard few weeks since the last time I went thrifting so I figured I deserved it, right? Anywho, I picked up a few amazing treasures at totally unbeatable prices so it was a well worth it stop for sure!

First up I found an amazing demijohn that would have normally gone for at least $100 but I scored it for only $8! I took just a few steps further to find its matching partner! Yes, I got TWO demijohns for a whopping $16!

These beauties are great to stick some faux fall pieces in or just leave undressed and totally beautiful in their natural state. I currently have them with some fun fall pieces but I know they will be rotating around the house and changing looks often because they are that great and every room needs to enjoy them!

Enter my third find, a beautifully carved out dough bowl. Yes, a bowl. I love picking up wooden pieces to bring warmth into our home and these types of bowls create perfect storage and it’s a great alternative to the typical basket.

I love wooden pieces with detail and age. I use them on bookshelves and other places for storage or display. I am currently using this dough bowl to hold some velvet pumpkins from Target and some eucalyptus from Michaels. But this bowl is also great for holding your keys as you walk in the door or some collectable knick knacks. I’m currently on the hunt for some larger dough bowls to place on a large shelf we have for an amazing wintery décor I have planned.

So what is the last thing you got all giddy about at the thrift or vintage store? I’d love to know so share it below in the comments!

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