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If you’re anything like me and need ideas for basically ANYTHING you head to Pinterest. Pinterest is the mecca of ideas and so easily accessible but when I was researching some ways my family and I can observe Earth Day the results were a little counter-productive.

Let’s make some plastic crafts that, at the end of the day, will end up in the landfills. Let’s take the car out to a local park…Take. The. Car.  Duh! So obviously this is one instance where Pinterest didn’t come to the rescue. At least not an obvious rescue because you need to dig through these ironic (moronic?) suggestions to really hit something that truly encompasses what Earth Day is all about.

There are 364 days for us to educate ourselves on how to be stewards of the Earth’s resources but this day, Earth Day, is a day to recognize we have a responsibility to our land, water and air around us. It’s a day to chip in and do something so here are a few suggestions I’ve found while scouring through the many pins…

  1. Plant a Tree – This may seem like a tedious and labor intensive thing to do, and yes it is, but trees are a vital aspect in our air source. Trees scrub the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and methane while producing oxygen for you and me.
  2. Watch Your Footprint – Spend the day doing everything you can to conserve your resources. Eat leftovers so there is no food waste, turn off the lights when leaving a room to save electricity, keep the water off while brushing your teeth. Try to reuse something instead of just throwing it in the trash.
  3. Weed Out Evasive Plants – Evasive plants impede on the plants that are more beneficial to animal life. There are many evasive plants that literally choke the necessary plants in our system.
  4. Pick up Trash – You can go as small or as large as you’d like with this. As a family this is the easiest to include the littles. Just take a walk around your house, block, or neighborhood and spend a few hours picking up the trash.

Let’s observe Earth Day by doing something useful and paying our debt to our mother earth. Include the kids and teach our next generation that they have a responsibility to be compassionate citizens and take care of their Earth.


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