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Have you ever found something on clearance that you absolutely LOVE but it wasn’t the right color or the metal pieces weren’t the finish you were hoping for? Well I went on a little tour of Home Goods checking out some of my favorites and I made my way to the clearance section.

I had a vision of hanging lanterns in our little family alcove of the living room but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money. Enter Home Goods clearance section! Can you hear the angels singing because I sure did!

I was really lucky because a lot of times with clearance items they are one-offs meaning you very rarely find a pair or more. Well I found 4 of these beautiful UNFINISHED lanterns so I found the best 2 and took them home with me!

Now I emphasized “unfinished” because I like pieces that I can stain myself so that I can match it to the rest of the wood that is in the space. So these are unfinished…check! One thing I didn’t like about these were the metallic silver finish on the hanging piece. What I did was tape off and cover the bottom part of the lantern and simply spray paint the top with my favorite Rust-Oleum Flat Black.

Once the paint was dry I was then able to stain the rest of the lantern. I used Minwax Special Walnut on all of my wood pieces. It is the perfect neutral wood which doesn’t have any red/orange tones. Plus it goes really well with black accents.

To hang these lanterns I used a hook in the ceiling anchored with a molly and tied a rustic rope to it then wrapped around the lantern holder and knotted. Now that they are hung I can change up the décor inside of them for the seasons. Right now I have sweet fabric pumpkins from Target. I can’t wait to change it up for the winter!

So did you ever go by the clearance section and find an item you knew you could DIY into perfection? Or have you been bummed out on more than one occasion because you saw the “almost perfect item” and didn’t think you could modify it to fit your style? I’d love to know, share it in the comments!

If you’re looking for more sources in this space comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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