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I love the unexpected with home decor and I have been wanting to incorporate a little unexpected into my home. I find that nature can be very inspiring and bringing it indoors seemed to make sense so that’s just what I did.

Living in Florida we have PLENTY of palm trees of all kinds and they shed as much as any dog! So I thought, why not take this opportunity and reinvent the shedding palm and create a sculptural piece of art inside my home?

I am all about texture and with neutral colors you want to find pieces that have texture so it doesn’t get boring. The raw edges create an interesting look and it’s definitely a conversation starter!

There are a few things to remember when you bring the outdoors in. It is nature, it is outside, and it WILL have some creature on it. So what I did was hose the palm down and then I cleaned it with my all purpose cleaner. I let it air dry in the sun and once it was dry (and thoroughly inspected for bugs) I was able to bring it inside.

I knew that I wanted it to be a statement piece on our shelves we built in our living room space but they would look equally amazing hanging on a wall both vertically or horizontally or even propped up in the corner!

The head space is limited on the top shelf so I broke my palm into two pieces and created a layered look with them. The front piece was angled and secured with one single nail. These pieces are really light so no worries about it falling.

I created a simple asymmetric look by adding my collection of candlesticks to only one side. Now this was a tough one for my because I am ALLLLLL about symmetry but I have been wanting to get out of my comfort zone and create something that was a little different. I’d say the palm + asymmetry achieved just that!

So when was the last time you took a chance on doing something a little different with your home decor? Have you thought about bringing nature indoors for a unique and FREE addition to your decorating? I’d love to know what you did so share it in the comments.

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May this season and all seasons bring you joy!




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