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Two Little Women

I talk a lot about the latest décor trends and my fun DIY projects but none of it would matter if I didn’t have the support of my family behind me. It takes a team to design, create, and overall just make a house a home.

I want to dedicate this post to the two little women that inspire me daily, encourage me often, and love me no matter what’s on the walls, the colors of the pillows, or the state of the furniture.  Without the giggles of these two princesses none of it would be worth it.

I want you all to know what your support means to me and my family as well. This blog continues because of my family’s support but also because of all of YOU! With every blog post you read, design service you request and every purchase you make through my affiliate links means the world to me and my sweet girls.

We like to have fun around here and sometimes that’s hard with our schedules. I mean there are days where we are just plain tired.  We all have those down days but it’s important what we do with the days in between. Lucky for me my girls like to be involved with what I do. They like to space plan and shift décor items. It’s really the cutest thing to watch. They also like to be involved in the pictures I take for the blog and my social media accounts.

As you can see from this post we take a lot of pictures. I feel it’s important to involve my girls in what I do and I only hope that one day they will follow mommy’s footsteps or at the very least, continue to be creative.  I love these two nuggets with all my heart and they, with my husband, are my everything.

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