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Let’s take a moment to just step away from the worldly influences around us and lets take the time, first thing in the morning, to set our days into motion. We tend to fall into habits or rituals that deter us from doing what God wants us to do as our feet hit the ground. It becomes easier and easier to walk down the path of least resistance.

We all have more than one role to play, especially during this particular season. If you’re anything like me you’re wearing more hats than ever and you find yourself planning every minute of every day. I’d like to just take a pause and encourage you to schedule in time solely for YOU!

We can get so wrapped up in things around us that it throws us down a tailspin and soon it’s hard to keep our heads above water. Instead of jumping into the next project or starting that next task on your to do list, stop and take the time to taste the coffee, feel the sun on your face, and get into God’s word in your most comfy spot.

Lets set the stage for a cozy place to relax and invite the Holy Spirit in. We can use our senses to set the scene. A pretty vignette that inspires your mind, soft worship music playing in the background, diffuse essential oils that promote peace and meditations, a warm cup of fresh brew, and a soft blanket to keep you warm and toasty. Even five minutes to sit with myself, this moment of peace sets my day off right. It doesn’t have to be planned but it does need to be intentional. A moment of peace.

Here are some items you can find in my cozy inspirational morning spot. You can shop any of the items by clicking the image. Some of the items I have are older but I have linked similar items.

Have a blessed day!



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