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Simple Steps to Healthy Living: How to stay on track


So now that we, as a family, have decided to take this journey to a healthier way of living what in the world do we do first? First, don’t panic! (I keep repeating that one to myself) It’s not going to be an overnight change. This is a lifestyle and lifestyle changes take time to evolve and fine tune. We are only 6 months or so in and we have a long road ahead of us but I’d like to share just a few simple steps to help you get started.

You must first acknowledge why you have decided to take the path of natural/healthy living. You know that the first step is always recognition. Do you want to eat better? Do you want to clean up your home environment? Do you want to improve your lifestyle and relationships? These are questions you’ll be asking yourself on a daily basis especially when budgets are tight, time is non-existent, family members object, and old habits are hard to break.


The Food You Eat

Eat mostly whole foods in their most unadulterated state, preferably organic. This means reading the labels and, more importantly, understanding what those labels really say. Learn how to “sniff out” those hidden ingredients. Here are a few points to help you on your food journey:

  • Purchase from local farmers markets (be sure they are organic)
  • Stock up on meals and freeze them for easier consumption when time is not on your side
  • Collect organic food recipes that even the littles love to eat to avoid the objections
  • Have healthy snack choices on hand


Your Household Environment

Your home and environment will probably take the longest to change. We took note of what goes on our bodies and what cleans our home. The best place to start is to replace these products with natural-based alternatives.  Many of these are highly concentrated, so you will find you use less per use. You can also make your own bath, beauty, and cleaning essentials with only a few ingredients you probably already have! Here are a few steps to get you started on a healthier home environment:

  • Switch to quality natural-based brands (or make your own)
  • Use high quality essential oils like these
  • Use glass and recycled jars over plastic containers
  • Bring the outdoors in with house plants and even an herb garden
  • Add in supplements to your everyday life. Consult a healthcare professional to find out which ones are best for you


Lifestyle and Relationships

Creating a home based on healthy living is just one part of the journey. The relationships we have with others and ourselves are an integral part of this process and some of the most important things of living naturally. Here are some ideas to help guide you:

  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Get in some kind of exercise every day
  • Soak in some rays. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a host of illness and health issues.
  • Get the kiddos involved with making the food and shopping for it. Educate them on why you chose organic over conventional and teach them how to start reading the labels.
  • Come together as a family and do more together
  • Learn to slow down. Life goes by so fast so we need the reminder to take a breath and enjoy the good things
  • Sleep! I can’t say that enough. SLEEP!
  • Be kind. It is easier to be kind and generous than angry and hurtful.


The goal here is not to be perfect. Listen to your body, your home, and your loved ones. If you start to feel overwhelmed (I’ve been there) just take a pause, step back, and reevaluate things. Head back to the WHY section of this article and repeat the reasons why you started this journey in the first place. Much luck to you all on this journey of healthier living.


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