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Well as a habitual décor changer-upper I have learned a few things over the years. My husband has too…like learned to ignore the changes or how to cope with the unknown. He often joked (it has since diminished) that he never knew what kind of home he was coming into. Things change on the daily around here and I think he just got used to it.

My hubby and I created this wall of shelves surrounding our TV in our living room using 12”x12’ boards staining them special walnut and shelf brackets from Home Depot.  At first it was sooooo daunting to decorate it. Sometimes it looked too bare, sometimes it looked too cluttered, sometimes I just sat in the middle of the floor asking why I wanted so many shelves that took up so much of my time!

Well I finally honed in on the key to styling shelves. Or at least the key to my eye because I NEED symmetry! I absolutely love the look of mantels with an asymmetrical style but I just couldn’t pull it off in my own home. I would itch! Yes, I would get the asymmetry itch. It’s a thing people!

I also learned that I love groupings and textures. So I can easily change things up by changing the glass vases, candlesticks, old books, art prints, wreaths, etc.

Now the first thing I do is I remove EVERYTHING from the shelves and place it all on the floor in front of them. If I have elements I know I want to add I bring them out of décor storage (aka the office, garage, or around the house) and I place them with the other items. Most of the time I edit out things that were previously on the shelves that I grew tired of or I knew wouldn’t fit into the new style I was going for.

Now, you may say restyling shelves often can get so expensive! Well not for this chic! Most of the items on my shelves are thrift store finds. The vases I have up now totaled $10 and I have 10 of them up! The old books were .50 cents apiece, the chalk painted frames were included in an antique haul, and the art prints I created and printed myself (which you can find here and here). So much of my styling comes from thrifted items which keeps me, the wallet, and the hubby happy.

So anywho back to what I was saying, once everything I want to include is on the floor I start grouping items together and start from the center and work my way out. I started with a larger piece, in this case the magnolia wreath from The Mustard Seed 205, and then used the varying vases working my way out. I like to group items in odd numbers so I have 5 vases in each group then 3 candlesticks from Ikea on each end. After I was pleased with my top shelf I worked to the second.

Since the top was simple and edited down I decided to amp it up with some layers on the second shelf. I layered my chalk painted frames behind my art prints and then added a boxwood plant and candle holders (here and here) as plant stands from Ikea to the forefront. This of course was on both sides because, well, symmetry.

The third shelf down I wanted to go simple again and add in texture with the vintage books. Just stack some books and added a fun neutral piece to the stack. On one side it is a large wine glass I found thrifting filled with shells from our family beach trips and on the other are two wooden elks which were also from the antique haul.

So as you can see it doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming or expensive to switch things up frequently. I feel like simply changing the shelf styling feeds my hunger for décor change.

Do you like to change up your shelf styling often? If you don’t, what’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments.

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