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Blue Pumpkins

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Well we are quickly approaching my favorite season of the year…fall. Fall for me has changed drastically since leaving our Northern New Jersey home in the mountains where our views of the changing leaves were some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. We moved to South Florida 4 years ago but I can still remember the smell of the season, I can hear the crunching of leaves, and I can still see those beautiful fall colors.

(Photo Credit: Hannu Keski-Hakuni)

The fall season is by far, one of the most missed things about living in the northeast. There really isn’t anything quite like it and if you live in an area where you don’t get the seasons I would highly recommend you head up north to check it out for yourself!

With that said…even though I live in a land of palm trees I still need to prepare myself for the fall DÉCOR season and this year I am changing my color scheme up just a bit. Last year I stuck with black, white and orange but this year I’m going with blues, mustards, and burnt oranges. Maybe I’ll throw in a little gold and copper while I’m at it but for today, I’m focusing on the unexpected blues of fall.

Since I change my seasonal décor every year I try to reuse and repurpose as much as I can before hitting the stores. With this fun project I used last years’ pumpkins I gathered from the Target dollar spot (holla to the dolla spot!) and spray painted them in 2 different shades of blue to coordinate with my vintage encyclopedias I’m using. (you can check out that post here)

This is a fun and easy little 5 minute DIY that seriously anyone can do! Tape off the stems if you want them to stay their original color or if you want them to be completely monochromatic then spray those stems too. Simply lay out some paper or cardboard (if you can do this outside that’s best) and place your pumpkins on the paper/cardboard. I used the Valspar spray paint from Target in Blueberry and Cove.

I would recommend using some gloves for this project if you’re going to do like me and hold the pumpkins by the stems and turn them as you spray. Or else this is what will happen…actually it could be a nice manicure! At least it’s the closest this gal will get to a mani any time soon.

Here are the pumpkins after their fresh coats of blue. I only had to do one coat on these because this spray paint also has a primer in it and it covers really well! I used the same brand when I updated some thrifted frames and I’m hooked! (read thrifted frames post here)

Now since I’m a blogger, instagrammer, influencer I need to stay just ahead of the seasons so I have time to create, decorate, photograph, and blog/post all about it. I was just playing around here and placed my fresh pumpkins on my resin art cake stand. I think I’m really going to love the mix of blues and mustards and burnt oranges. What do you think?

Have you guys started to think about your fall décor yet? What do you think…too soon? Hey, at least I haven’t started talking Christmas décor….yet!

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