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My Top Three Holiday Gift Guide Featuring the JORD Watch


With the holiday season rapidly approaching and the big box stores flaunting their latest glittery Santa or sparkly Menorah you may start to feel the overwhelming sense of PANIC! Oh the lists! The lists that comes with the entertaining and gift giving season. Did we get Aunt Bethany anything (points for the movie reference)? Will Lucy love her new snow globe? And let’s not forget about the food shopping lists. Is Marty still eating gluten-free? Does Susan still refrain from sugar, dairy, carbs, LIFE? If there’s one thing I can help you with this Holiday season is a rundown of my favorite environmentally sustainable gifts that any eco-conscious, fashion forward, hipster, or mother-in-law would love!

1. JORD Watches
I’ll be giving the gift of style, sustainability, and living in the moment with a JORD watch whose design is modern, efficiency is valued, and time is NOW! Each JORD watch is meticulously thought out by their team of talented creatives, designers, marketers, and artists. With their 13 different wood options and almost endless styles for both Men and Women you are sure to find that perfect one for that perfect person.

Just one glance at this Fieldcrest Zebrawood + Maple watch I’m flaunting this season will have anyone on drool-worthy lockdown! 100% natural, hand-finished woods, scratch resistant mineral glass, and the feeling of simplicity with a hint of WILD! Grab your JORD Fieldcrest Zebrawood + Maple watch <here> or snag one of their other beautiful Women’s watches <here> . Let’s not forget the Men in our lives who deserves a masculine yet stylish piece of art for their wrists. Click <here> to check them out!

As a bonus to all my readers click <here> to receive 25% off!

2. Johnny Fly Co.
Next up on my favorites for this years’ gift giving season are the beautifully crafted line of chemical free leather pieces from Johnny Fly Co. This company’s story started small with the dream of creating wearable art produced from nature. There is a great deal of attention put into each item and it shows because when you flaunt their goods you are one attention getter!

Take a look at their Leather Rolltop Backpack <here> and make sure you’re seated when you do because it will sweep you right off your feet! From the office to the mountains, this baby is ready to trek with you wherever your feet take you. In regards to how the leather is treated in a non-chemical manner Johnny Fly Co. has this to say, “Tanned without the use of chemicals or dyes, but rather through a natural method that spans way back into the old centuries, and involves special treatment with salt water and sunlight; this bags tawny color will only grow richer and darker with use.” Who doesn’t love that?!

3. Bambeco

How about a one-stop-shop that includes things from furniture to kitchen and entertaining? Enter Bambeco Sustainable Home Goods. The creators behind Bambeco are committed to living a sustainable life and bringing that lifestyle to the public with easily attainable goods. All of their items are made with reclaimed, recycled, natural, renewable, and organic materials.

At Bambeco the artisans behind these beautiful creations use age-old techniques honoring past generations and the craftsmanship like the Heirloom Salt Cellar Gift Set. The artisans hand-harvested salt from and ancient ocean trapped below the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. The salt is processed using natural methods by hand. Salt lovers, I know you’re out there, would love this beautifully curated gift set!

Unique, handcrafted, sustainable gift ideas made from eco-friendly materials by creatives and artisans are the type of gifts that will make any receiver feel extra special. This is a wasteful season of gift giving because they will be returned, or just left unused. But there is no need to abandon this Holiday season altogether. Any one of the above mentioned items would make for a perfect gift! I encourage you all to think outside the box and dig deep into the companies that are rethinking manufacturing in a way that is safe for the planet. Now THAT’S a great gift!

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