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My Non-Surgical “Face Lift” by Nourishe Organics


Ok, I know what you’re thinking…she talks about living natural, being organic, and committed to living a life of health and wellness so how can she get a face lift?! Well folks this isn’t your everyday surgical massacre of your face. Here is what Kristin (owner of Nourishe Organics) has to say about what the ElixiLift™ is.

So, many people have heard of micro current.  It’s a great treatment and helps to re-educate muscles on the face.  This takes the basic philosophy of micro current (which is basically using low level electrical current on the face to affect the cells and tissues in a positive way) and then incorporates 5 additional modalities of facial rejuvenation for such an amazing and healthy effect on the skin.  Gone are the days when people need to inject chemicals or burn or cut their skin causing long term dysfunction of the cell for temporary and less than natural looking results.  To start we should understand how electricity and energy affect the skin.  Know that your body is generating electricity.  You are an electrical being and use electricity to survive.  When we lose healthy electricity or conductivity on a cellular level we lose health and vitality.  So that’s the 1st aspect of the rejuvenating effect of the ElixiLift™.  We are boosting your cellular health by enhancing the electricity of you cells.

Next, during the session, your cells are also receiving modulated bi-phasic square and sine wave technology.  Which, very simply, is healing and also builds muscle.  This also stimulates the body’s own production of amino acids which is critical for repair and also for normal cellular function which can be a lasting result even if you only have 1 treatment.  

Third, we have muscle electrical neural stimulus which is also a muscle fiber repair technique that is combined with different yoga and muscle building positions that I guide you to make during your session.  This is such an overlooked aspect of facial health, I feel.  If we get benefit from working out our body, doesn’t it make sense that we would also get major benefit from working out our face?  When we repair muscle and build muscle in the face the lifting is so beautiful and natural.  You also should note that muscle atrophy happens.  As we age, because of stress, we tend to overuse certain muscle which weakens some of the connecting muscle and can actually elongate muscle in the wrong direction.  All fixable, so don’t fret.  By adding the current of energy to this face workout it amplifies the muscle building possibility.

Fourth, we build bone density.  This is so important.  Most people lose density as they age.  And imagine if you have a less dense skeleton, of course you will see sagging on top of it. By building muscle and taking you through some progressive resistance training exercises combined with the electrical current we see an increase in bone mass.  

Our fifth tactic for radical holistic facial rejuvenation is my favorite because I love studying water.  So, just so you are prepared for your treatment, I have you super hydrate your cells with not just clean filtered water, but structured and super hydrogen enhanced water. And no plastic water bottles allowed.  Hydrogen is the first and smallest element on the periodic table so it allows water to hydrate your tiniest and even dehydrated cells.  Dehydration is also a leading cause for the facial cohesions that I see as a problem, as the pull and tighten areas of the skin causing lines and facial restriction.  When we get the fascia hydrated we can unwind it and create a beautiful softening and plumping under the skin.  This gives you some homework, as it is very necessary that you also hydrate really well after the session.  Water is also a conductor so it allows us to get energy both from your own production and the treatment on a deep cellular level.  During the session I use short duration high voltage pulses to further super hydrate your cells.  Electro hydrotherapy is so valuable to the long term health of your skin because it allows everything I do and everything you do at home to work better and supports detoxification and nutrient absorption.  

Lastly, and definitely the most important, is how this technique affects your whole body.  Instead of poisons or paralytic effects for your organs, this treatment actually is amazing at using the meridians in the face to improve health of the whole organ system.  Remember, all the stuff you have going on on your face doesn’t have much to do with your age.  It’s stress and internal health showing up on the skin.  Lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark skin tell us something about your internal health.  Certain areas of the face are connected to specific organs (and emotions, but we will talk about that at a different time).  These “age” areas can be signs of blood flow blockages in an organ, inflammation due to accumulation of toxins, cellular degeneration, nutritional deficiencies and long term cellular disturbance in an organ.  So our face gives us this awesome gift of telling us what we might not otherwise know about our inner body.  If we cut it away or burn it off  us, we can face other issues in the future.  By reading these signs on your face I can teach you how to understand your facial messages in the future which gives you so much power.  Also, we can send healing energy into those organs to support your optimum health.  


  • Circulation improves (30% after 30 days)
  • Increased ATP synthesis
  • Bone regeneration
  • Healing soft tissue
  • Lymph fluid drains
  • Detoxification is stimulated
  • Collagen production increases(more than 12% in 30 days)
  • Elastin production increases (more than 40% in 30 days)
  • Cells regenerate and strengthen
  • Tone and strengthen muscle

So I hope you’re all still with me because now I’ll share the before and after!



Let’s dive in deeper and talk about the different points of the face Kristin focuses on and why.

Forehead and Between Brows

This is the liver and gallbladder meridians and instead of using poison in the liver meridian (the glabella or area between the brow) we add a healing square wave form of energy.  This area tends to be tight on most people and actually has to do with stress more than aging.  So I start the process of unwinding the damage from having this area be tense (for who knows how many years) and then teach techniques at home so that you can start doing some unwinding at home on a daily basis.  Once this area relaxes we can start to tone the areas above the brows that may have been pulled down and essentially we can support the muscles to lift the brows again.  This is all stuff your body wants to do anyway, all we do is allow your face to function at its full potential.  The vertical lines across the whole forehead are connected to the gallbladder meridian and are mostly the result of dehydration damage.  What’s interesting is that the muscle on your forehead is of the thinnest muscles in your body and more toxins get stored in thin muscle.  How fascinating that this is connected to the liver and gallbladder and they also deal with toxins!  Usually when I unwind these areas hard nodules of fascia are stuck there.  That is why proper, structured hydration is necessary before and after this treatment.

The Eyebrow

I tend to do a lot of lifting because I find that all that tension in the face starts to pull the brows down.  Most people don’t create enough fluid movement in their face and toxins and fluid get trapped in this area.  Also, I love open eyes.  I have found that someone is more attractive with open eyes and some lines around other areas of the face than the opposite.  Many people note that within a few minutes of doing this, they already feel like their eyes open more.

The Cheeks

We do some muscle building exercises while applying the magnetic and energetic stimulation to the cells and tissues and manually move the cheek into a higher and fuller position.

Around the Mouth

We also do some stretching of the tissue, which feels so good, because our faces crave this.  At the same time, we are reducing the tight fascia and creating more blood flow to literally smooth out lines.  Also, the lung and large intestine meridians run outside the mouth and energizing these areas is also really great for overall health.

The Jaw

I teach you some techniques that I learned from boxers so that the jaw muscles engage and we keep that area full and strong.

Cheers to beautiful and healthy faces!

I can honestly say I have a new love for my skin. It is not perfect, it has it’s “imperfections” as society defines them but Kristin teaches you to feel beautiful no matter what shows on your skin. I encourage anyone in the South Florida area or anyone who visits to contact Kristin and set up an appointment and feel beautiful again!

As Nourishe’s owner and visionary, Kristin believes that true healing lies within us through a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection. Her current skin care methods combine cutting edge technology, emotional detoxification, and organic, signature treatments. Skin is a teller of internal health; detoxifying and alternate healing methods are part of Nourishe’s comprehensive approach to skin care.

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