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We’ve all heard of the fashion must have list but what about applying that thought process to your home décor? I decided to list some of my home décor must haves to make decorating a space (and changing it up) super easy for anyone.

The purpose of creating a capsule when it comes to your wardrobe is to make mixing and matching classic styles easy. You can swap one thing out for another and still look put together. I realized I do this same method with my home décor items as well.

Here’s a roundup of my must have home décor items that can be switched out easily as the seasons change. It’s an array of softies, hard items, textured, and natural.

You can find similar items in the links below. There are some affiliate links included in this post.

A basket can add texture and functionality to any space. It can be used to hold throws, magazines, or even your kid’s toys. I use baskets around the house to fulfill all three of these needs.

Signs are a great way to add grace and blessings to a home through words. I personally love the handmade farmhouse style signs created by makers that take pride in their work. You can use one or create a beautiful gallery wall full of inspiration and family vibes.

To bring in some texture I add vintage books to my shelf styling. I like to collect books with similar color covers in order to create a cohesive and neutral look. You can stack the books horizontally and place a fun accessory on top or stack them vertically and use corbels for bookends. Whichever way you choose you can’t go wrong with vintage books. And they are a treasure to hunt for when going thrifting or antiqueing.

We’ve heard of hygge before right? Hygge is a Norwegian and Danish word used to describe a place of coziness, wellness, and contentment. It is often said that the use of soft blankets, pillows and candles create this type of atmosphere. I often collect candlesticks from my outtings at the thrift stores and swap them out depending on the season.

Throw blankets are my BFF. No seriously, I have a TON of them and in my arctic home it is 100% necessary. Yes, I may live in South Florida but I suspect the hubs is hoarding penguins somewhere in this house! Anywho, blankets are great for switching out colors depending on your season and can change the whole vibe of a room.

And speaking of the hubs, does anyone else’s husband just not get why we love our throw pillows so much? I mean seriously, pillows are like the spinkles on a cupcake! They are the color splash or neutral addition that we love. It is a place to rest your head or create a comfy spot to just veg out. And like the throw blanket, pillows can be swapped out as the seasons change.

Lastly, I always like to add some greenery or florals to a space whether they be real or faux. I am a serial plant killer so in my case I go faux. You can add them to a shelf styling, on the dining room table for a pretty tablescape, or in a vase by your nightstand. You can do greenery to go with a neutral room or colorful florals to add a pop!

There are so many different ways to use and reuse these staple items in your home. You can create a statement in any room with any of these items and a feeling of home. Rather than buying all new things all the time you can mix and match or swap out a green throw for a blue one and create a whole new look.

Threshold Basket


Bless Our Home Sign


Vintage Books


Rustic Candle Holders


Throw Blanket

Decorative Throw Pillows 


Faux Greenery

Do you already have a list of home décor items that are your must haves? Have noticed that your wardrobe capsule may also mimic your home décor capsule? I don’t think that’s a coincidence my friends. You love what you love and you should stick with it!

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