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Modern Farmhouse Decor from Walmart


We have all been swooning over the modern farmhouse look since Joanna Gaines put it on the map. Well, maybe not everyone but if you’re into home decor you’ve at least heard of the modern farmhouse decor movement.

Modern Farmhouse Guestroom

It took me a lot of trial and error (more error than anything else) to finally hone in on my decor style and what sets my soul on fire, so to speak. Like many of you, my style is very much modern farmhouse and I definitely owe most of it to Fixer Upper. Yes, I fell into the trend and craze and all that jazz and I’m ok with that!

Welcoming Entry

I love the character of a piece and the stories behind the finds. I also love clean lines, neutral colors, and textures. I believe this is the very definition of Modern Farmhouse.

Laid Back Living Room

I recently looked online to see what fun decor Walmart has to offer and noticed they have quite a lot of modern farmhouse in their product line. I’ve seen the finds people post, I see the Walmart advertisements pop up in my feed, and I noticed the tags on products purchased by you from Walmart.

So if any of you are non-believers like I was, I’ve rounded up some amazing modern farmhouse products all available at Walmart. I’ve made these very easy to check out by simply clicking on the product photo and it will take you directly to my affiliate link. I hope you find inspiration in this post. Now I’m going to check out some of these products out in person! Please hold my wallet! hahaha

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