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LADYBOSS™ Glasses & Saving My Eyes

Ladyboss Glasses

So being a blogger, on social media, and designer I am on the computer and my phone A LOT! I’m sure many of you can totally relate to what I’m about to say. I was straining my eyes all throughout the day from using the computer. I knew I couldn’t just stop using my computer, so I looked into glasses for the computer.

I had seen Ladyboss Glasses around the interwebs (Facebook and Instagram) and thought that either the Internet was listening to me (which it tends to do a lot) or it was a sign.

These glasses are designed to block out the blue light that your computer, phone, or tablet emit! According to the Ladyboss website, blue light has shorter wavelength than other lights in the visible spectrum causing light to scatter more, decrease contrast and strain the eyes. So in reading all these things on their website, I obviously decided to buy them! And I am so glad I bought them.

I have been using these glasses for a few weeks now and wanted to give it my all to make sure my review was truly authentic. I have definitely noticed a change in my eye strain and I haven’t had to take any headache or migraine medicine since using them so they must be doing their job!

If you believe that the dreaded blue light is causing you any eye and/or head pain I can definitely recommend you pick up a pair of Ladyboss Glasses. Not only are they saving your eyesight but they have a lot of super cute styles! I’m wearing the Ladyboss Classics.

“As a 100% female-owned & operated company, we believe in empowering women through clear vision. No more chunky, heavy frames or harsh tints; you deserve savvy styles, clear-lens technology & ultra-light designs. Together, we can become healthier, happier #LadyBosses!”

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