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Greenery and Sparkle for a Winter Home

Walmart Trees Wreaths Garlands

After I finally spotted THE garland that I have an amazing vision for (more on that later) I jumped on the “add to cart” button as soon as I could! Once my purchase from Walmart was locked in I wanted to see what else I could find down the Christmas Winter Wonderland trail.

Christmas Décor Deals from Walmart

I rounded up nearly 40 items from Walmart that will surely help you along your Christmas decorating path. If new purchases are not in the budget let them be an inspiration for what you may already own! I’ve said it before, you don’t need to buy new every year. I love investing a little each year into items that I can use repeatedly throughout the years to come. Like my new very affordable cedar garland!

Unfortunately my garland just went out of stock as I started preparing for this post but be sure to check out your local Walmart! Here are some other beautiful garlands I found.

I’m loving the “undone” and a bit “unbalanced” look of the Christmas tree options this year. I rounded up a few of my favorites below.

Along with your indoor trees let’s not forget about decorating those front porches, walkways, and entryways!

We of course cannot chat about about Christmas greenery without including wreaths. I found a few different ones that are equally amazing as the trees and garlands. Which one is your favorite?

One last thing I would like to share…have you ever received a less than full garland, tree, or wreath? Well there’s an inexpensive and easy remedy for that! Sprigs, stems, and greenery picks. Check out the ones I’m liking below.

Have you started decorating yet? Are you a “wait til after Thanksgiving” kind of person? I always was but for some reason I am craving the warm twinkle of the tree. I hope by me sharing a bit early I am able to inspire you to embrace whatever season you may be in.

You can shop the entire post below by clicking on one of the images.

You can see my roundup of more Christmas Goodies in this post.



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