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Girls Bunk Room

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We have had a request from the littles that live here…bunk beds. The hubs and I have been holding off fulfilling this request because of their young age and not-so-great relationship with all things gravity. I have visions of the older one dreaming of swimming and kicking herself right out of bed…from 5 feet up!

I think now we have come to the point where we can no longer keep them satisfied with their current, close to the floor, sleeping situation. So I put together an e-design for our girl’s soon-to-be bunk room and I thought I’d share it with all my friends!

I’m going for a modern bohemian look. I love clean lines so the modern aspect will fulfill mama’s need for crisp and clean and the bohemian side will fulfill the youngin’s free spirited natures.

The wallpaper was the jumping off point for this design. I have been wanting to use wallpaper in their room for a long time now but I just couldn’t find the right design but I finally found a GORGEOUS wall mural from Ane Wall Decor . Seriously you have to check out her stunning wall murals!

This is the wall mural that I chose:

Blossoms Mural

After I had the backdrop for this new bunk space figured out I was able to choose the bigger furnishings that would occupy this space, the dresser and bunk beds. I found the most amazing midmod dresser from Target and I knew I had to use it!

Harlow Mid Century Modern Dresser

Finding the right bunk beds was HARD! I knew I wanted white but I also wanted to incorporate some warm woods to go with the dresser that I fell head over heals for. So I searched “mid century bunk beds” and I FOUND IT! Now, I’m not sure the wood tones will match exactly since you can’t tell through a monitor screen but with the lines of the dresser and these eye catching lines of the bunk beds, I really don’t care! LOL

Oef Perch Bunk Beds

Next came all of the textiles and accessories. I love the look of the brass in this round mirror for over the dresser. It’s not so big that it completely covers the mural but it’s big enough that it will reflect the gorgeous bunk beds that I plan to put on the opposite wall.

Round Brass Mirror

The rug that anchors the space was an easy choice from Well Woven. I already have 2 of their rugs in my home so adding a third was a no brainer. I found this beautiful lavender vintage inspired rug that will pull out the colors of the wall mural nicely.

Nora Lavender Modern Vintage Rug

Our girls like to read and chit-chat so I wanted to create a cozy little reading space for them with these poufs. They can easily grab a book, or a Barbie, and talk about their days together.

Jacquard Pouf

Lastly was the bedding which I consider the sprinkles on a cupcake. I chose those last so I could coordinate them with everything else that was going on in the room. No because these are bunk beds, traditional bedding really doesn’t work well and would make for a very frustrating morning to make the beds. So I chose Beddy’s bedding for the bunks and with their zipper design I can now tell the girls to go make their own beds! It’s that easy!

Oh So Boho Bedding


Sparkle Throw Pillow


Oriental Floral Throw Pillow

Well there you have it! That’s my vision for my “growing up way too fast” girls’ bunk room. I can’t wait to share the finished room with y’all!

What was the last room you completely made over at the request of one, or more, of your kids? What we wouldn’t do for our children…amiright?!

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