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Easy Easter Basket Ideas from Amazon

Easter Basket Ideas

Neutral Baskets for Everyone

Oh hey! Remember me? Well here I am coming back at it and sharing my favorite finds, home décor, health and wellness, kid stuff, and whatever else passionately strikes the creative cord which today happens to be all about Easter basket ideas! If you’re still here, yay! Thank you for sticking with me while I took a (longer than anticipated) hiatus.

I wanted to start back up in the season of rebirth…EASTER! What an amazing story of resurrection, don’t you agree? In honor of that I wanted to share some Easter basket items that will get your kiddos out into nature, cuddled with a great book, or hunting down those trinkets and things. Below is my Amazon roundup of Easter basket goodies. I hope you enjoy the finds as much as I did. By the way…when do you start your Easter shopping? This mama is already done. *Takes a bow and reminds you that this is TOTALLY unheard of*

I love the idea of using a basket that can be used elsewhere once the Easter holiday is over. How many of us have been left with way too many pastel colored baskets that we could NEVER seem to find a place in our every day decor?

These carrots are such a cute spin on the standard easter egg. You could of course add in the traditional eggs but aren’t these super fun???

Loving this neutral bottle to keep the youngin’s drinks nice and cool on those warm spring days.

Ok, so I think I want one of these rainbow pillows for my room. Am I too old? Don’t answer that!

This rusty orange bunny blanket is so adorable! It’s not a full-sized blanket but one that can be carried around or kept as a keepsake for when the littles are no longer little. *sobs in corner*

And let’s not forget the REAL celebration of Easter…Jesus!

I don’t know about you but Easter signifies spring which then leads to gardening…and later garden death if you’re anything like me! But the kiddos LOVE to get their hands in the dirt and say they grew something out of practically nothing.

What kind of Easter Basket do you do for your kids? Are you the traditional type with the pastel colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and peeps? Or are you more neutral and like things to be double-duty (insert basket here)?

Sweet blessings friends!



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