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Drew Barrymore FLOWER Line with Walmart

Drew Barrymore Flower Home

Growing up, and even now, one of my favorite actresses is Drew Barrymore. I love her carefree spirit and her overall vibe both personality and style-wise. So you can only imagine my excitement when I heard she was launching her own line at Walmart!

I wanted to create a space designed with ONLY products from the FLOWER line. This pink eclectic and laid back style is so pretty and so perfect for that flower-power child or boho chic lover.

But the new FLOWER line isn’t all pink and pretty. The new line is also eclectic, tropical, and vintage inspired.

About Drew Barrymore Flower Home

“Feel more at home with the eclectic designs of Drew Barrymore Flower Home. Inspired by Drew Barrymore’s personal aesthetic, this collection combines a variety of styles, patterns and materials to create a look that is cozy, unpretentious, enveloping and fun. With classic mid-century furnishings, unique and unexpected decor, vibrant colors, natural materials, modern accents and one-of-a-kind patterns, every item feels customized for your home. Its fun-loving décor reflects Drew Barrymore’s joyful outlook on life and imbues your home with its happy atmosphere. This Bohemian collection covers furniture, decor, dinnerware, bedding, bathroom accessories, pet furniture, kitchen linens and more. “

Flower Home Living Room

“Transform your living room in a vibrant den of collected treasures with Drew Barrymore Flower Home. From core pieces like a vibrant mid-century sofa to energizing accents like retro wall wart, you’ll find everything you need to create a living room you’ll be happy to come home to. “

Drew Barrymore FLOWER Home

Flower Home Décor

“Apart from Wall Art, Drew Barrymore Flower Home includes a beautiful array of boho pillows, decorative accents and more. Find the perfect accent for any area of your home with these thoughtful designs. As Drew says, “always be yourself.” Finding that special design that embodies your personal aesthetic helps you do just that. Bring home your favorite Drew Barrymore Flowe Home decor and instantly feel more at home. “

Drew Barrymore FLOWER Home

Flower Home Wall Art

“Drew Barrymore is passionate about the wall art in this collection. Art is one aspect of design that can transform any room in your home. Many of the pieces in the Drew Barrymore Flower Home collection of wall art were inspired by art owned by Drew Barrymore. Others were inspired by other areas of her home as well as her love of pets and literature. We worked closely with Drew Barrymore and her team to curate three gallery walls that feature specific paintings, prints and frames to capture three separate looks with our eclectic variety of art. “

Drew Barrymore FLOWER Home

Flower Home Lighting

“Each lamp and light fixture is designed to feel special and unique. You’ll find lamps with faces on their bases and finials over their bulbs. Beautiful materials provide the perfect shade to every light, velvet lampshades in beautiful colors. With Drew Barrymore Flower Home lighting, you’re sure to brighten your home and heart. “

Drew Barrymore FLOWER Home

Flower Home Dining & Entertaining

“Whether you’re cooking for yourself or a dinner party of twenty, Drew Barrymore Flower Home dinnerware and kitchen textiles fill your dining room with colorful beauty. Elegant, eclectic, vibrant and durable, you’ll find that you’re looking forward to spending more and more time in your kitchen every day. Best of all, these bohemian dishes are so beautiful, they can be displayed on open shelving as artwork for your dining room. ”

Drew Barrymore FLOWER Home

So what do you think of this new line from Drew Barrymore? There is so much more to see in this eclectic and super fun line so be sure to visit Walmart and check out the FLOWER Home line.

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May this season and all seasons bring you joy!




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