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Dollar Tree Florals

So how many get lost in the faux floral and greenery sections of our favorite stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby? And how many load up your carts to only slowly take one stem out at a time? Yea…that’s me too. Those dang florals can be PRICEY!!! And yes, they last like, forever, I get that, but I can’t spend $100+ on one arrangement let alone the 3 that I wanted to create for fall.

Enter Natalie from My Vintage Porch who recently went on a mission to create the perfect fall arrangement using items from the Dollar Tree! You can read all about her budget-friendly fall favorites here. Also be sure to check her out on Instagram too…and her stories, she’s HILARIOUS!

Anywho, the piece that sparked my fall arrangement color scheme were tiny bundles of pomegranates. They have a beautiful deep plum, orange, and tan color to them. I loved the plum red so much that that’s what I searched for in the bundles and bundles of florals at the Dollar Tree.

I enlisted the help of my two littles with this project. Of course I went back into their masterpieces later on and “adjusted” a few things here and there, at their OK of course. And we all know that when I say adjust I mean I pulled it all out and started over again on theirs. Don’t judge!

These three Dollar Tree arrangements will make a perfect centerpiece on a Thanksgiving table or styled on a console table to bring in some fall. Either way, the options are really endless with a good (and cheap) floral arrangement!

Check out the fun we had with them!

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