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DIY vs. Buy: 5 Questions to Ask Before Doing Either


This is a guest post written by Candice Batista of Eco Hub. Candice has her own blog where she blogs about living an eco-concious lifestyle. She has dedicated 15 years of her life to guide herself and others to make sustainable choices. Find Candice on Social Media here: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest


Transitioning to a natural home should be fun, but there are times when you feel like you want to pull your hair out. This was definitely me 12 years ago.

It was a very different landscape, choices were limited and so was information, today it’s so much easier thanks to the many wonderful green bloggers and communities out there.

If you are just beginning this process you might be in the exact same position I was back then. Obsessed over every label and ingredient. Carrying wallet cards with toxic chemicals to avoid, reading, researching and becoming more and more overwhelmed with each passing day.

At one point I had to say enough is enough and understand that CHANGE TAKES TIME. I really can’t stress it enough, and that beauty is what living a natural lifestyle is all about.

The most important thing you can do is develop a plan of action and ask yourself some important questions before you DIY or buy anything.

DIY-ing takes time so before you decide if you want to DIY (or buy)  ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is there an effective, natural store-bought alternative?

For example, I use Aspen Clean’s Super Scrub Powder for really tough grease, grime, and stains. It saves me time and money and ensures my home is clean (and green). Buy wins!

However, when it comes to dryer sheets, I am much more inclined to use wool dryer balls than buy dryer sheets, which are expensive, not recyclable, and full of toxic chemicals I don’t want anywhere in my home. DIY wins!

2. Do I have the time?

If you run into a situation where you can either buy a really good alternative or make one, it becomes a question of time. If driving to a local store takes you 30 mins there and back and making it takes the same amount time, I’d prefer you DIY it instead of buying it. Save some gas and a few emissions at the same time. DIY wins!

3. Can I put some of that green ($$) back in my wallet?

Always consider the cost.

For Example, a liquid hand soap can cost anywhere from $3.99 to $7.99

But if I make my own Easy Peasy Disinfectant Wipes it costs me about $2.75 a jar. DIY wins!

4. How often do you use it?

I have found that a good rule of thumb is to buy something I don’t use very often rather than make it. Buy wins!

5. Will this DIY make my life better?

When it comes to your favourite lipstick, like me, you’ll most likely stick to buying it. When you find the perfect colour it just works. So DIY-ing it is probably not the best option.

However, you might want to make this Multi-tasking body balm, which smells amazing, and is a decadent treat that you made and THAT will make your life better! DIY wins again!

The bottom line is any DIY should be fun and trust me, when you start, you won’t want to stop!




Conclusion: What’s really better, buy or DIY, well that depends on what you are making or buying. These easy tips can help you decide if you spend green or save green. What do you like to buy or DIY? I’d love to know!

Bio: If we’re all leaving our own eco footprints, I’d like to think that mine have lead to this point right now.

Hello! I’m Candice, and the subject of eco-consciousness and sustainability is (and always will be) my true passion in life. With 15 years of dedication under my belt, I’m happy to say that that passion is only getting stronger.

How do you keep your passion strong? You pair it with a sense of adventure.

In my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to explore so many different, fantastic, and exciting opportunities that have enabled me to shape my own green journey. That journey is one that has covered everything from skincare, to household pets, to the weather outside your own window.


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