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Hey friends! I revealed our office makeover about a month ago and since have received lots of questions about our hanging lights above the two tables. Many believed that these were store bought and were looking for a link but alas, this was a DIY light and it’s one anybody can do!

This quick little project took about 20 minutes to complete (minus dry time) using an extension cord, light bulb socket with plug, bracket, light bulb and spray paint (isn’t needed). When I did this project I gathered everything I need for the lighting mechanism from Home Depot. They didn’t have a black light socket so I picked up a white one and used High Heat spray paint to paint it black. Since then I have found that Amazon has black sockets so that step is no longer necessary, as long as you have the patience to wait for your items to come in the mail. I obviously did not but have since learned my lesson.

Here’s the roundup of items that I used to create our DIY light and the total was about $50 for 2. Below are links to the products used and some other suggestions to make things a tad easier and for a more vintage look.

Hobby Lobby Corbel


Extension Cord

White Lightbulb Socket (only if you can’t find the black socket)


Rust-Oleum High HeatSpray Paint, Flat Black (only if using the white lightbulb socket that needs painting)


Black Lightbulb Socket


Crystal Clear Lightbulbs


Vintage Style Bulb

As far as putting it all together that’s easy…spray paint the white socket if you go that route OR simply plug the black light bulb socket into the extension cord and then screw in your bulb of choice. I attached the brackets to the wall using a strong wood screw.  A little tip with the bracket is to put painters tape along the back side of the bracket and mark where the holes are. Remove the tape and place it onto your wall where you want the bracket to hang so you know exactly where to place the screws.

Once you’re bracket is up I wrapped the extension cord around the bracket going up a couple times and then made a loose tie at the top and allowed the light to hang naturally. It’s not perfect but I love the way it turned out and it was such an easy project to do.

What was the last DIY project you worked on that was both budget-friendly and super easy to do? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below!

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