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We all have those corners that we just don’t know what to do with. It’s empty, it has bad lighting, it’s boring, etc.. Well I was recently inspired by Liz Kamarul’s corner gallery wall that just knocked my socks off when I saw it!

(IG: @liz­_kamarul Website:

I decided to come up with my own version of the corner gallery with my new fall inspired art prints. If you’ve been along the fall color inspo train for a little while now you may already know that I’m being drawn to blues, mustards/golds and burnt orange as my color palette this year. With that in mind I decided to add some more inspo to my Etsy Shop with these 4 new fall inspired prints.

(Bel Air Art Print click here)

(Lake Reflection Art Print click here)

(Deli Pumpkins Art Print click here)

(Pumpkin Stand Art Print click here)

I have several frames around so it was easy for me to swap out some old art for these new prints. The black frames  are from Ikea and super affordable (Ikea is my go-to for affordable modern frames). The white frames were a thrifting find and were originally a yucky brown. After chalk painting them white and slightly distressing them the details popped and I just love them! I think the mix of the modern and rustic/vintage frames really creates some interest.

And I’m just now noticing I must have had this color palette on my mind when picking out this Well Woven rug too. Blues and golds and burnt oranges slays it again! (Direct Link to Rug here)

Once my pieces were framed and ready to hang I just eyeballed it. I know, no real science here but that’s all I did. I would hold one up, put it down, hold another up, put it down. Eventually after a 20 minute workout I had an idea of where they should go.

I have a little trick when hanging pieces on shiplap because I know I was SCARED to put any holes into my new shiplap walls! I use a small nail (obviously only works with holding lighter items) and I nail it on an angle in the “gap” of the shiplap. This way when removed you don’t see the hole! PHEW! Walls saved!

Anywho, once the artwork was up I made a couple adjustments here and there, stepped back and voila! A corner gallery wall was born! I tucked my Ikea chair with a mustard yellow throw and indigo blue pillow into the corner and I think the colors play off of each other beautifully!

Have any of you done, or thought of doing, a corner gallery wall? I’d love to know how you did it and what inspired you!

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