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Comfy Style

Spring has sprung in many parts of the country and if you’re still stuck in the frigid cold, my apologies for this post. It may cause extreme jealousy because the comfy style from Target is just so fun! And the spring colors are just perfection!

I’m thinking Spring 2021 will be the season of “The Dress”. There are so many cute dress styles (not the prairie ones from a couple seasons ago, I think we are still scarred from that). I love the florals, the flow, and the spring palette sprinkled in.

Of course you need to pair the perfect pretty spring dress with a stylish accessories! I’m not a big fan of fancy heals but I do love a good sandal! Let’s face it, as moms who are constantly running around we just can’t fit the heals into our schedules!

Here are some of my favorite sunglasses and casual bags.

By now you’re probably wondering, Jess, what about those lazy days that don’t warrant a dress? Well I got you! The comfy casuals that Target has to offer lately have been so good! Hello stylish sweats! I rounded up a few of my casual tops and shorts that can be mixed and matched.

What will you be sporting this spring season? Have you picked anything up to add to your spring capsules yet? I’d love to know!

Sweet blessings friends!



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