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I would absolutely love to have you join our team! To enroll and order a starter kit, CLICK THIS LINK! Double check that the number 3964171 appears in both the Enroller and Sponsor ID fields, this will ensure that you’re added to my team!

If you are joining my team I recommend:

Purchasing WHOLESALE! The $160 Premium Starter Kit has everything that you need to get started! It’s the only thing that Young Living offers for half off, say what!?

When you sign up as a wholesale MEMBER, you’ll get 24% off of retail pricing!

When you join my team as a wholesale member, you’ll be joining the best community in all of Young Living! You’ll be added right into our private Facebook wellness community, where you’ll have access to free online classes, DIYs and so much more!

Interested in the business? When you buy a kit, you’re never obligated to sell oils, but I have a feeling you just might want to! We guide you along the business trail to ensure you get going with all the information you need! We will send you resources to some great marketing literature and hold virtual classes (or in person classes if you’re nearby) that goes over what essential oils are, how they are produced and why Young Living is the leader! Let me know, and we can chat! This business has changed SO much for my family and I am forever grateful that I took this leap of faith!