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We really don’t do up Valentine’s day around the Andretta household but we do make more of a point to spend time together and perhaps go out to dinner or order in our favorite sushi. My husband is pretty good at the valentine gift-giving and I do my best to investigate what he would like. He knows I’m happy with some flowers, a card, and perhaps some chocolates. I mean who doesn’t like chocolates?

I never really decorate for Valentine’s Day but I found myself surfing the web and wandered onto Anthropologie’s site and BEHOLD, a beautiful offering of perfectly pinks and neutrals that are great for Valentine’s Day and even better to keep around into the spring months. I’m not a pink person but these items are so delicately pink that I almost consider them a neutral. I know, who am I?!

My favorite by far is the velvet bedding. I can imagine myself sinking into bed and instantly falling asleep. The soft material gently wrapped around me is like a cloud slowly rocking me to sleep. Did you capture that image in your head? lol

I also LOVE the gratitude journal. It’s not really a décor item per say but it is a perfect item to have by your bedside so you can give thanks first thing in the morning. I feel like my day goes smoother if I first thank God for all the blessings and thank my family and friends. Writing it down puts it out there.

Below are some of my picks for simple Valentine’s Day décor that will bring you into spring. You can shop my favorite Valentine’s Day décor items by clicking on the picture.



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