Designing a home that serves you, your family, and god


Hello my beautiful friends! My name is Jess and I’m the owner, designer, picture-taker, coffee drinker, and Jesus lover behind Avelyn Lane Home. My shop started in the fall of 2016 and has since evolved into a dream I had since my first graphic design class in college. The process and result of design had escaped me for years but it has made its way back and is creating waves within my soul.

I love to create cozy and comforting spaces. I enjoy a good DIY project, especially when it goes right! Thrifting is my jam and when I can get out there and rummage through all the things I am truly in my happy place. I share items I love and things that spark inspiration. I like to be ahead of the game with upcoming seasons so you’ll have the first look (and first chance) at some new items from my favorite shops.

New and exciting things are always happening at Avelyn Lane Home LLC so be sure to follow me on Instagram @avelynlane and Facebook @AvelynLane for special offers, updates, and much more! Check out what I’m currently loving over on my Pinterest @avelynlane

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Love, Blessings, and Happiness!