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Thanksgiving Table - Amazon

In our family we take turns on who hosts different holidays and celebrations and this year it is our turn to host a cozy warm Thanksgiving. I love to gather around the table with family and friends in any season. It’s a time of no distractions, looking at each other in the eyes, and sharing memories and, often times, laughs. The dining room table reconnects us in a way that no other space can.

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season to prep the table scene is to decide on a color palette and overall look I’d like to accomplish. With any look it must be cozy and nothing speaks more cozy than woods, brass, and natural textures. It had occurred to me that my cozy defined my palette so in this design you’ll see many neutrals, deep plumbs, creams, and burnt oranges.

The focal point, in this case my thrifted brass bowl with faux flowers, is low for easy communicating and passing of the turkey. I find it rather easy to thrift anything brass but if you’re not into the thrifting game, that’s ok no judging here, you can source a simple one on Amazon like this one. I also found a bundle of faux flowers with wire for easy insertion into floral foam. These were the perfect colors for my vision but there are so many different colored bundles so have fun with your color palette!

I like to set up my table decor ahead of time so I’m not scrambling to create a peaceful space for our guests while they are here. Prep as much as you can before the big day! The color palette, the thrifting, the ordering, the designing, the making, all happens weeks before a sit down celebration. Now you don’t have to be an uber planner like me, but take some time to really think through how you’d like your table set and what mood you want it to reflect. This also takes the stress away on “game day”.

One thing I love about Thanksgiving is going around and sharing what we are thankful for. Not everyone in my family likes this little nugget I bring to the table but it’s still nice to hear and share. I love these little stump place cards for just that. On the fronts are my guests’ names and on the back they can write one thing they are grateful for in this season. Isn’t that just darling? And did you peep the laced linen napkins? They speak to my neutral texture loving heart.

Are there any traditions you have in your family in the Thanksgiving season? Do you host? I would love to hear how you and your loved ones gather for Thanksgiving.

You can check out some other fall inspiration from Michaels, Amazon, and Target.



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