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A Cozy Wonderland from Hearth and Hand

Cozy Winter H&H

There is just something about the turnover on the shelves from Fall to Winter. New products that are introduced each season are exciting but Christmas time is the BEST! I live in a climate that does not favor snow, cedar trees, and all that comes along with winter. Dressing up my home to create that cozy wonderland I miss from my years in the north brings me so much joy.

I went to the one place all interior creatives gravitate to as the season change. No not Starbucks but that is a close second! TARGET!!! I had to check out Hearth & Hand by Magnolia’s new winter/Christmas line and let me tell you it did NOT disappoint!

My favorites were all of the different tree options. There were teeny tiny collections, trees in galvanized pots, bigger trees to set beside your front door. You name it, there was a tree for it! And all of the little sprigs of greenery were equally as impressive! Here are some of my favorites…

Along with the fantastical trees and greenery were the candles! Not only did your sight sense all the forest-like creations but your smell sense went into a wonderland frizzy in the best way imaginable. Cypress and pine, mulled cider, and balsam to name a few. This set of three candles were my absolute favorite!

And we of course cannot forget the table. This is where we all gather for our Christmas meal and it needs to be special. I’ll be doing a separate post on my Christmas table once we are done enjoying our Thanksgiving meal. You can check out my Thanksgiving table inspired by Amazon here. The plaid and striped goodies reminded me of a lodge in the Smokey Mountains. I could smell the framed log walls, and the burning fire flanked by the stone chimney. It almost makes me want to grab some skis and head out onto the slopes!

Nothing speaks cozy more than soft buttery throw blankets and cotton-y places to lay our heads so I couldn’t leave that out! I rounded up a couple of my most favorites but there are so many good things you can check out here!

I really hope you are embracing the current season you are in and you don’t feel like you need to run out and buy all the new décor. I love incorporating a few pieces each year. Let these curated goodies inspire your cozy winter wonderland.

You can shop my curated list here…



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