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Sitting Room with Layered Art

I think I have found my favorite way to display artwork. It’s nothing new, just something new for me to incorporate into one of our spaces. The first of many layered art corners happens to be in our sitting room in the master bedroom.

It was super fun and inspiring to mix and match the different styles and elements of these prints, artwork, and tray. It’s also fun to share this with all of you in hopes that inspires you as well.

I designed the John Lennon poster a couple years ago and it has been a big hit every time I post it. It represents the dreamers and goal crushers and it’s a great reminder that you are not alone in your dreams. It usually hangs above our bed but as I was moving things around I though it would be the perfect large-scale piece I needed for the layered art look.

Once the John Lennon poster was in place I started layering in pieces around it. I used some more vertical pieces like the line drawing print (designed by me) and the mudcloth try from The Mountain Bluebird Co. The ink artwork was a gift and fit the space perfectly with it’s horizontal layout and black matting.

Click on the poster above to download it to your computer to use. If you use it please tag @avelynlanehome

This wall was once blank and totally lacked any interest so the take away here is when in doubt, just take 30 minutes or so, collect some artwork and start layering and playing around. Decorating behind a couch can be difficult at times so I hope that this post inspires you to decorate behind your couch and to not be afraid to mix and match artwork. If you try this in your home I would love it if you tagged me so I can check it out.

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May this season and all seasons bring you joy!




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